David Clarkson Q&A

Why are you taking part in London to Paris?

To achieve another personal challenge and continue to help raising awareness for charities assisting people considerably less fortunate than ourselves.

Who are you raising money for?

Sue Ryder Hospice.

Why should the person reading this pick someone else?

Since leaving school I have undertaken many roles which has given me the chance to gain many different experiences. For example I have worked on the ASDA checkout, worked in a packing department, a goods inward role, driven many kinds of forklift truck, worked in a forklift training role, been a salesman, sales manager, sales director and now finally a COO of a fantastic organisation. Therefore as you can see I have enjoyed many different roles throughout my career, whereas John has only ever had a job sitting in a car all day, looking miserable, being grumpy, and generally leading a miserable experience, don't waste your vote, please let's give John the opportunity of a lifetime and let's see him with a smile on his miserable face.

Who should they pick?

Without question all voters should choose John Errington, his commitment to leading a miserable existence is unwavering therefore we need to afford him every opportunity to understand what it actually feels like to smile at work.

David Clarkson


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