The Challenge

We're trying to raise as much as possible.

Here's what the challengers will undertake if you pick them.

  • 1 Engineer's Mate (North)
  • 2 Engineer's Mate (South)
  • 3 Office Upkeep (Bishop Auckland)
  • 4 Office Upkeep (Dewsbury)
  • 5 Office Upkeep (Northampton)
  • 6 Picking & Packing Parts
  • 7 Workshop Assistant (Northampton)

That's what you're voting for... But it's an opposite kind of competition.

Whoever raises the LEAST for charity will be exempt from their duties across the business, the person who raises the most gets the first role, whoever raises the second gets the second role and so on.

We're trying to raise as much as possible.

This challenge sees all eight of our colleagues taking part in a variety of tasks throughout the business - going outside their own comfort zone and seeing the business from a different angle.

We're asking you to support them in raising money for their charities and select which role they will undertake.

It's up to you

Select Your Target.

You've got a selection panel of 8 potential targets, who you select and for whatever reasons are completely up to you.

Feeling weathy? Give to more than one person.

The only advice we'll give is this.... Choose wisely.

Donate Any Amount

Click the link to donate to our crowdfunding target and make sure you let us know in the comments who you are selecting - You can leave the comment anonymously.

They won't know it was you.

Win The Day

Whoever has the highest amount allocated to them on the Funding Page will be the person in first place and taking on the #1 challenge.

This cascades down according to who has the most funding from 1 - 7.

It's all for a great cause